Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer reading- Must read book list for children

I have an obsession with childrens books... I have a hard time not controlling myself.

So I have put together a list of some of our families favortie books. Look for them and your local library or book store. They will not disappoint!!

*all photos of books are not mine and were from google images.
Night House Bright House- by: Monica Wellington
This book is rythmic delight that your kids will love! Have them help guess the rhyming word at the end of each sentence!  Play seek and find with the many objects on each page!  The illustrations also include cameos of famous paintings. My 2 yr old has me read this one to him a couple times a day!
Any book by Laura Numeroff will be entertaining for both parent and child alike!
These books will take you on familiar journey of how these characters are constantly going from one demand to the other trhoughout the will strike a chord with parents!
Which One Would You Choose by: Edith Kunhardt
An interactive book that poses the question of "Which one would you Choose?"  Great book to get conversation going and glimpses into the mind of your little one!
A Guest Ss a Guest by John Himmelman
A silly book about animals taking over a farm house!  My kids giggle everytime!

The Boss Baby by: Marla Frazee
This is a must read for any big brother or big sister!  This cleverly written book details life with the "Boss Baby"  calling all the shots for the family!
Not a Stick by: Antoinette Portis
One of my favorite for its simple, yet creative storyline and basic drawings! This book captures the art of imagineing!  Check out other books by this author as well such as Not A Box!
What Moms Can't Do by: Douglas Wood
A hillarous books about all the things mom can't do well from the perspective of a child.