Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Reading List #2

Here is my second list of must read or must own books.   

Anything by Sandra Boynton!  My kids liked these books from the youngest ages...We have most the collection and there are SEVERAL more books not pictured that she has cleverly authored and illustrated.  My favorite is "Doggies" if you have a child that likes dogs, this is a must!!  We have a blast reading this one- over and over and over- some of these I have memorized! 
Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type By Doreen Cronin
A great modern take on the good ole farm animal theme!
Mixed Up Chamelion by Eric Carle
True to any book by Eric Carle, this book is not just simple pages, it like many of his books incorporates di-cut pages but what sold me on this book was the theme of loving yourself the way you are!
Round Trip by Ann Jonas
I  had remembered a librarian reading this to my class in early grade school, maybe as early as kindergartin.... It was a magical book!  I never forgot about it and asked several librarians for years if they had heard of book that made a different picture when you flipped it upside down with no luck, but finally as an adult I was walking through Barnes and Noble and there was a random misplaced book on a shelf and there is was!  This is a must own!!!
what makes this book so amazing is you flip it up side down to read the rest of the story...
for example the negative of the space becomes a new picture...
This is a bridge....
Flip it around- telephone poles!
Anything by David Shannon!
We own several but No, David! Is a favorite of mine and my son adores this book too!!
Check your library for anything by him, the pictures are sure to make any child giggle!

If I Built A Car by Chris Van Dusen
This book is about an creative boy who invents his own car with out of this world featurs!  It is sure to spark the inventor in each child!  The illustrations are incredible too!!  Chris Van Dusen also other books as well! Check for them in your library and book stores!

I'm Not Going to Get up Today by: Dr. Seuss
No childrens book list would be complete with at least one Dr. Seuss book...I like all his books but this one is not as common but is certainly a great one!

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by: Collin and Jacqui Hawkins
They have done several books and they never get old. This one is a lift the flap book and captures the "Old Lady" story perfectly!

*all images on this post are from google images and are not mine.

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