Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More haunting decor

I loved the witches hat idea that Shenise shared last year, so I just had to make one for this year...and the Halloween sign was a find at Tai Pan Trading company from last October's visit to UT....Oh, how I wish they had Tai Pan in TX!


I saw this idea in Better Homes and Garden and tweaked it a little bit...Using a unfinished wooden candlestick and a pre-cut plaque (any craft store sells these for just a couple of dollars) you can create beautiful pedestals for anything from pumpkins to candles....I choose a beveled plaque but you can you cake rounds or any other pre-cut shape....simply paint the wood, hot glue together and cover the top with scrapbook paper & can also attach decorative trim around the edge to if you have a thing for frills! For a seasonal decoration choose paper that matches your decor. If you plan on using heavy items on top (or a glass cloche), you can glue a small round disk to the bottom of the candlestick to make a wider more stable base....

This was a very tall very ugly 70's candlestick that I found at a thrift store, so I painted it black and it usually holds a candle but for this spooky time of year, it made the perfect perch for my fake pumpkin!

Spooky Sentiments.....

These were my halloween cards for last month's card group......

Vintage halloween

I made this using a cute vintage halloween image that I mounted onto a board painted with crakle paint.... I thought it would be so cute used a halloween display.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pour some Cinnamon and Sugar

I just learned this delicious tip from a good friend of mine and it adds a little extra DELICIOUSNESS to your baked goods.......When making sweet breads that have cinnamon in the recipe coat your pan with a cinnamon sugar mixture instead of flour and sprinkle some on top before baking as well.....(when making my pumpkin bread I sprayed the pan with non-stick cooking spray and then dusted the pan with a generous coat of the cinnamon sugar mixture!) It adds a sweet crispy crunch to the crust and as a bonus, the bread/rolls/muffins don't stick at all!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

for my sister.

Dining room wall
across from the piano
up the stairway...this took me about six months :)
entry hall
This post is mostly for my sister who has asked me to send pics of my "collages" that I am JUST getting around to hanging on my walls. pathetic considering we have been in this house nearly a year now. Anyways, thought it might be a bit of a "domestic inspiration" to someone else...
or maybe not :)