Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some cute ideas to get you in the mood....

Complements of Rogers Gardens...

After the candy is gone and the cavities have set in, we have Christmas to get ready for...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

NEXT OF pump{KIN}!

A few of my favorite pumpkin ideas from some of my favorite sources of inspiration....

Created using a doile as a stencil.....
*the above photos are from BHG.com

*the above photos are from marthastewart.com

And finally the pumpkin topiary from countryliving.com!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ornamental Pepper plant

This is a ornamental pepper plant that my neighbor gave us.....It has red, yellow, orange, and purple little peppers all over it. I loved it because it reminded me of cupcake sprinkles. It is a great way to add lots of color to your garden....

Time out....

As wives, mothers, friends, or people for that matter, we have to take a time out to recharge our batteries..... I have found a few things that make me feel pampered right at home....which is good because home happens to be my favorite place!!
A few of my favorite things for a relaxing time out(lets face it, with this economy who has the money or time to treat yourself to a spa get away?):
Bath and Body Works Lavender Chamomile pillow mist (or lotion)...love, love it....I am a big time believer of aromatherapy.....this definitely relaxes my frazzled nerves!!
Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint shampoo and conditioner (I only use the conditioner--shampoo is shampoo, pricey shampoo is literally money down the drain...using only the condition still makes your hair smell great plus your whole bathroom smell like a spa...very refreshing.)
Aveda Energizing Oil (this smells divine too...very much the spa smell....I use it like a lotion on my elbows or when I razor burn my legs....very soothing....you can also put drops into your bath water.)

Godiva Raspberry Trifle (the pink swirly one) Simply divine! Chocolate as you all know is a magical de-stresser. I always tell my husband that if I eat sweets it makes me sweeter. Seriously. It does.

Cookie, Cookie

Instead of the ole Saran wrap/Dixie plate combo I thought I would try a more attractive, not to mention ,"fun-to-make" packaging for giving cookies away......

The Notebook

This is a super fun and easy project. I use the black/white composition notebooks and cover them with scrapbook paper. This makes a great gift and I use them as a place to jot down notes, thoughts, make my daily lists, store ideas, etc.... This is one I made for my Grandma Beth.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Harvest

A couple years ago I had a fall craft get-together with some friends. I had each person bring a pumpkin or gourd and a bunch of flowers. We hollowed out the gourds/pumpkins and placed empty cans inside to hold the water and flowers. It was a blast!! In the picture below I used some kind of white gourd that I found at a farmers market.

We also did a spring time bouquet party where each person brought a bunch of their most favorite flower then we made mixed bouquets from everyone's favorite flowers. I purchased a bunch of unique vases from a thrift store and had some fun ribbon that we used to complete our projects. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of that project..

Vintage Organizing

I loved this office and the creative use of miscellaneous items !! These are great organizing ideas and a great way to include vintage family items in your decor!! These ideas are from bhg.com.

*images came from bhg.com