Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Be Mine"

I do love this time of fun to celebrate the loved ones in our life---our family and friends!! Here a few inexpensive and easy deco ideas! I mad the hearts with leftover scrapbook paper, some are hand stitched and others machine stitched...they are stuffed with good old toilet paper and topped off with a simple loop of ribbon. The "Be Mine" sign is wood covered in scrapbook paper and a hand painted message.....I think I will make some heart garland to complete the look!! The "LOVE" letters were those blank letters from a craft store covered in more scrapbook paper and of course I had to add more ribbon!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sweater Saver

If your favorite sweater or knit shirt has lint balls and peels all over it, instead of getting rid of it or paying for an expensive gadget or dry cleaning service, use a PUMICE stone (like the ones used for pedi's) simply brush your sweater with the pumice stone and it will be like new!! Follow up with a lint roller to clean any loose lint!! It really worked one of my favorite knit cardigans looks like new!!