Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Be Mine"

I do love this time of fun to celebrate the loved ones in our life---our family and friends!! Here a few inexpensive and easy deco ideas! I mad the hearts with leftover scrapbook paper, some are hand stitched and others machine stitched...they are stuffed with good old toilet paper and topped off with a simple loop of ribbon. The "Be Mine" sign is wood covered in scrapbook paper and a hand painted message.....I think I will make some heart garland to complete the look!! The "LOVE" letters were those blank letters from a craft store covered in more scrapbook paper and of course I had to add more ribbon!

1 comment:

Loree said...

so LOVEly Monica! Cute and sweet but simple and adorable. I love all your ideas. you are one talented lady :)