Thursday, May 24, 2012

around the yard- Texas style

The heavens have opened and we have recieved rain!!!  Yay!! Lots of people from all faiths have been praying for rain here!  I wanted to soak in (no pun intended) all the beauty and GREEN that has come from all this rain and am using it an excuse to do a tour around the yard.
First up:  A Lisbon Lemon, yes there ware small little lemons on it and the blooms smell divine! This is a patio lemon, and will have to be covered or brought indoors should harsh winter condition come but we got the tree for $5 so well worth it! And growing your own citrus? Priceless?
Despite the conception that Texas is flat, there are hills in certain areas..we are located on such a hill, ence the terrace walls....Fig vines, crepe myrtles, and way up top is a volunteer tree that myust have deep roots and came up even after the lot was cleared and graded...yes, it is growing in river rock!  Thats an example of what strong deep roots can do for you. 
The Garden- Tomatoes do well in Texas, although blossom rot and splitting are common.  The majority of the tomatoes turn out, we go with inderminate varrieties because they will keep producing through the summer.  We have also had success with bell peppers, cilantro, basil, Swiss chard, green beans, cucumbers, onions, squasg and carrots (although the carrots are kind of well, gnarly looking). I think the trick is in the dirt...a good organic mix with natural compost and fertilizer.... We brought in dirt and mixed it with what top soil we had.

The peach trees....these were a total bust this year!!! Right after they set their blooms, a strong hail storm rolled through beating all the blossoms off.....just like that a peach crop gone....and last year? Well a couple days BEFORE they were ripe for the picking apparently we hosted a feast to squirrels or birds...Darn those critters! I usually dont mind uninvited guests....(deep sigh)!

As I mentioned, there is little top soil here...and lots of limestone, so water run-off is an issue. This corner had lots of moisture so two french drains later and lots of plants its doing better... We have some wild grapes, Primrose Jasmine, cannas, Iris, Ferns, Lillies, things that can tollerate wet feet.
We turned this narrow side yard into a sandbox play area for the is right under a kitchen window so while I am cooking I can keep and eye on them...A french drain runs through this so we had to do a non permanant floor-  Limestone slabs, of course!
Gerber Daisies!  LOVE! And they come back each year! They just look happy!

Rosemary, ornamental garlic, yupon holly?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baptisim Gift idea

For the children who turned 8 and got baptized in my ward I got paint cans and made little books for them and put candy in them...

Left click on image then save and print (girl version available too!)

(*not for commercial use, if sharing on another site, please note source- I wanted to be kind and not plaster my blog address all over these as I hope they will be a keepsake for many children in helping preserve their feelings of such a big day!...)