Monday, September 22, 2008

Time out....

As wives, mothers, friends, or people for that matter, we have to take a time out to recharge our batteries..... I have found a few things that make me feel pampered right at home....which is good because home happens to be my favorite place!!
A few of my favorite things for a relaxing time out(lets face it, with this economy who has the money or time to treat yourself to a spa get away?):
Bath and Body Works Lavender Chamomile pillow mist (or lotion), love it....I am a big time believer of aromatherapy.....this definitely relaxes my frazzled nerves!!
Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint shampoo and conditioner (I only use the conditioner--shampoo is shampoo, pricey shampoo is literally money down the drain...using only the condition still makes your hair smell great plus your whole bathroom smell like a spa...very refreshing.)
Aveda Energizing Oil (this smells divine too...very much the spa smell....I use it like a lotion on my elbows or when I razor burn my legs....very can also put drops into your bath water.)

Godiva Raspberry Trifle (the pink swirly one) Simply divine! Chocolate as you all know is a magical de-stresser. I always tell my husband that if I eat sweets it makes me sweeter. Seriously. It does.

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