Thursday, September 17, 2009

for my sister.

Dining room wall
across from the piano
up the stairway...this took me about six months :)
entry hall
This post is mostly for my sister who has asked me to send pics of my "collages" that I am JUST getting around to hanging on my walls. pathetic considering we have been in this house nearly a year now. Anyways, thought it might be a bit of a "domestic inspiration" to someone else...
or maybe not :)


kate said...

well gosh, don't i feel loved... :) thanks for posting these! i have been waiting.
the staircase is so so great. I want to do it! And those darn silhouettes are still on my list.
your house is probably feeling really homey now with all those pics on the wall! way to go sister.
it is all lovely.

Janette Allen said...

wow Sarah your groupings look so great!! You definately have the eye!