Monday, April 20, 2009

Pom-Pom Garland

I recently made this garland to decorate for my sons baptism luncheon. I literally threw it together on our way out the door. Quick, easy and cute.
The secret ingredient to make the garland is coffee filters. One bag of coffee filters and some yarn and you have a garland for under $2.
I used 6-8 filters for each pom-pom, thread the yarn through the center and then fluffed.
Scrunch them and separate them to make them fluffier. You can even dye the filters if you want a different color.


Shenise said...

Nice idea! So cute and so cost attractive! Hope your son's special day went well.

Loree said...

great idea girl!!! love it :)

Jessica - {LivingBetterTogether} said...

This is SO cute!! Would be perfect for a winter party, a wedding shower or even new years eve! :) Thanks for sharing.