Thursday, November 6, 2008

RE: Thanksgiving Decor?

Shenise- in response to your question on your last post, here are a few ideas and pics I found from & Martha Stewart...... Good luck hosting Thanksgiving! (You always do such a great job with things like this so I am sure you will be awesome!! )

I like them because you can use produce (which we buy anyways), fall leaves, vase and simple candles that we all ready own or that could be used for several seasons and occasions.... (this could be done with corn, dry split peas, dry red beans, and dry brown lentils with coordinating candles for a sleek harvest look)
Another pretty decor idea I saw on Martha Stewart (I could not find the picture of the wall length ones but this gives you the idea) was to collect several leaves and glue them to fishing line (glue a leaf on the front and the back making a sandwich) they made several 10 foot strands and hung them from the could do this along a long wall and it gives the illusion of falling leaves! It was so gorgeous!!!
I thought this was supper cute...they staked plates and glasses filled with seasonal produce and then just decorated it with leaves and ribbon...super easy and you could probably find this stuff lying around your home! (In AZ ficus of fruit tree leaves could work for this project)

Painted pumpkinds and Gourds:
(I would use cranberry, dark green, and mustard pearlized paint instead of gold for a more harvest color pallet.....)
OF course, you can not forget the KID table!! I loved loved this idea-- cover their table in a big inexpensive map and make paper boat place cards that kids can sail on the table!!! As a twist you could even place crayons and use blank paper and have them draw a map with their own pilgrimage route and name a country they discover!!)I thought these were super cute favors for the kids!! Felt is pretty cheap and they make fun finger puppets!!


Shenise said...

Good, good! These ideas are great! Keep'em coming!

Jim Dakin said...

I took the liberty of posting one of your images on my facebook page. Did give you credit, so may have driven a bit of traffic your way. Sorry if protocol was not correct. You can see what I am up to...