Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween afterthoughts

Just a few easy decorations I had around my house this year.
This skull is now on sale at Pottery Barn

I filled my glass jars with candy and Halloween play dough, next year they will have something else besides candy in them. Too much temptation for all of us. :)

This will look better with more sticks and ornaments next year

Don't look in the background because my dining room was a mess when I took this picture. The idea is to add a little color to your chandelier for the season. This is 1/2 way complete.

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Loree said...

great ideas monica! I'll keep them in mind for next year! hey I love that Blue cabinet thing. where did you get it. I want a blue cabinet/dresser. so pretty! & I love your chandelier. I want one of those too :)