Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fabric Pumpkins

O'kay Monica, this ones for you.
Cut your fabric in a circle the desired size you want it.
Pinch it up top to get a feel if you want your "pumpkin" bigger or smaller.
Using denim thread (it's much stronger and won't break) do a running stitch around the
edge of the "pumpkin".
Pull it just tight enough so it will hold beans/rice without falling out.
Dump beans or rice in "pumpkin".
Do not fill all the way to the top.
Leaving some space at the top fill the very top with polyfill.
This will let the pumpkin stand up a little rather than be flat and saggy.
Carefully cinch the thread tighter and close up the pumpkin doing a repeated back stitch.
Glue a pumpkin stem on top.
They are so addicting to make and look adorable in all types of fabrics.

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