Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Great Childrens Books

"Round Trip" By: Ann Jonas
This is wonderful book for children and adults! I read this as a young child and never forgot it! I found it in a book store recently and was thrilled! I had just as much fun reading it today as I did 20 years ago!! You flip the book upside down and the negative reverse image reveals a new picture! This is must have for your personal library!!

"The Mysteries of Harris Burdick" By: Chris Van Allsburg
This book contains 14 black and white pictures with just a title and caption. The rest is up to the reader to create a story using the image and title as jumping point for your creativity!

"Not A Stick" By: Antoinette Portis
This is another great book for the playfull imagination!! You will see all the fun things that a simple stick can become!

"Could you? Would you?" By: Trudy White

This book poses fun questions to help you and your child explore how you view the world!!

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Ketsy said...

Thanks for the recommendations. Rune and I will have to grab those on our next library run.