Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Decor!

Just some quick pics of activities and fall decorations that can be found at our house.
This was make with a cut up 2x4, paint and vinyl writing. I am sure stamps would be great too. Normally it sits outside, but I brought it in from the rain. In the basket there are pine cones, gourds, and Indian corn, and a string of leaves around the handle.

Luminary bags that line our walk. Brown paper bag, red tissue paper and card stock that I cut leaf designs from. Drop in beans to weigh it down, a battery run tea light to give it life and TA-DA!

I turned my kids loose with paints and pumpkins. They are quite the artists! They had no shirts and big smocks to protect their clothes.

These are little scrap blocks of wood I sanded and painted in a pretty pallet of fall colors. Then I added vinyl lettering. If you can't tell, they say, "pumpkin patch."

Happy decorating!


Cory and Shelly said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and scrolled through your entires. Where di dyou get the Oh Holy Night sign with the stars that light up? I love it, love it... wondered if I could find it this year??

Monica said...

The light up holly night sign was from a place called Real Deals.....You may be able to contact them and have one shipped if you do not have a store close by....