Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recipe Book

Alright ladies, I am on a mission! I am putting together a recipe book and I know I have bugged a few of you about this, and hey...who knows if anyone really even reads this blog. BUT, any of you that do, I need your help. I want your recipes. Not your "I tried it once, it was good" recipes. I want your tried and true, make over and over, everyone loves it! recipes. I have a section for drinks, appetizers, salads, soups, breads, sides, main dishes, and desserts. If any of you have a GREAT recipe that you LOVE in any of those categories, PLEASE email it to me at srammell@hotmail.com or put it in my comments. If you participate, I might even send you a recipe book. Thanks!

1 comment:

Loree said...

you bet i will send you some of my favorites! I'd love a copy of the book. tell me the price :) good luck friend :)