Sunday, October 5, 2008

{the Witch is in}

I had seen different versions of Witches Hats in years past and LOVED the idea. We were suppose to have a Girl's Weekend last weekend, but family circumstances didn't permit my attending. :( I had suggested we make these as our weekend craft and my mom and sister gathered the "ingredients". The hat came from Walmart and the accessories from Tia Pan Trading Co. You can put your own twist on any hat that fits your personality...have fun! Fortunately, they made me a hat and it's in the mail! I'm so excited!


Monica said...

That is the cutest idea!! I love it!! So did you have to stuff the inside of the hat to make it stand up? You have got to take pics of your house once you get your halloween decor up....(get photos all the little detail you do like spiders dangled all over!!)

Loree said...

I LOVE THIS HAT!!! i want one!!! i have never seen this idea before and i think it is awesome. what a fun project. i am gonna have to create one. thanks for the idea :)