Thursday, June 12, 2008

"BABY" photo album

A "word" album kit can be purchased from a scrapbook store. To get better use of the album, I added more pages by purchasing blank 12x12 chipboard tiles and cutting additional letters. I doubled up every letter so that I could add more photos. I did not cut out the letter holes out on the duplicate letter so that I could place a bigger photo. I made this one for my mom for Mother's day with a collection of photos of her and the grand-babies first year.


Sarah Stephens said...

Love this idea Monica. I love it even more that you used it as a Mother's day gift. That is so much more meaningful and personal than a store bought item.

Sarah said... are all together too crafty. maybe I need to move to texas and be crafty :) seems there's just too dang much going on around here to get anything fun accomplished.

you are great.
hope you are doing well
love much, sarah the little t shirt, you are too sweet!!!